A Luxurious Trip to Hong Kong and Macau you Would Love to Know About!

A Luxurious Trip to Hong Kong and Macau you Would Love to Know About!
Luxurious trip to Hong Kong and Macau

I love travelling and was on my expedition to explore south-east Asia.

After visiting many Asian countries and traversing every niche of the cities we landed in the beautiful cities of China, Hong Kong and Macau. A luxurious Hong Kong Macau trip you would love to know about!!

I am a wanderer and love to explore new places. But I love being capricious at times and choose the Hong Kong Macau luxury package to satisfy my expectation. In the year 2019 in April my family took off from our mundane life and resorted our boring life with affluent destinations of Asia.  I want to share my experience with my fellow travellers as this trip was one of the most compelling and enthralling trips I had recently.

I would like to start with the itinerary which will brief you even with the places to visit, things you can do in Hongkong and Macau, the attractions then would like to share why you should also plan such a trip. You can choose one Hong kong Macau luxury package to have lavish gestures on your Hong Kong Macau trip.

MindBlowing Itinerary!!!

We had oomph 5 days of pleasure while digging the experience of Disneyland, extravagant evening at luxurious cruise, exploring the reasonable and cheap street market our stay in Hong Kong Macau tour, that still reckon for some memorable experience we had. The entire journey just passed in a blink of an eye.

The Hong Kong Macau itinerary was planned in such a manner by our tour operator that we savoured both the cities in relaxation, luxury and recreation. The complete vacation was adjustable and kept us gratified in all kinds of activities.  After being on this trip I finally approve the verdict of calling Hong Kong Macau tour packages as the most popular one in Asia.

Our itinerary was as follows :

Day 1:

Landed at Hong Kong airport and took Ferry for Macau

Day 2 and 3:

Hong Kong Macau tour

Enjoyed the Macau city tour. Macau was grand with a deluxe stay and was an arcadia for my husband for whom gambling was sweet guilt.  The night at casinos was a lucky day and fetched some dime for us.  The scintillating nightlife enjoyed following with the city day tour to Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Grand Prix circuit, Temple of A-MA & St. Paul ruins on our 3rd day of stay.

Day 4:

Hong Kong macau trip

Though luxurious cruise runs in between these cities we choose to take ferry rides. Returned to Hong Kong with the same ferry and unpacked to get dresses for our tour to the city. The city has unlimited choices for restaurants,  bars, nightclubs, glimmering high-rises, and exquisite wildlife. The city progressed not only in its infrastructure but also in cultural conglomeration. We visited Victoria Peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds Museum. The glittering nightlife is one of the best in Hong Kong. I did shop some glittering earrings and necklaces from the jewellery market.

Day 5:

Hong Kong Macau trip came to an end with some more shopping and packing and we departed soon to our homeland Ahmedabad in  India.

The Hong Kong Macau tour was an impeccable holiday with several activities to savour. The trip entailed A day at Disneyland Wildlife safari, Underwater parks,  Shopping marts, Quiet evening to monasteries and many more.

The highlight of the Trip:

  • Luxurious Cruise
  • Luxurious stay
  • luxurious experiences

Why you should Plan a Hongkong Macau Trip?

Hong Kong and Macau holidays were enjoyed by my family. But I could also see many large group corporates group visiting these two countries to have adventurous and exciting experience while on holidays. The towns are noted for shopping and skyscrapers. Disneyland, Ocean Park, Massive Casino are few another attraction to reckon. Your holidays will become more entertaining if you get a customized Hong Kong Macau luxury package.

The recently built  Hongkong Macau bridge is earning lots of fame because of its spectacular design making the journey between them more reasonable and speedy.

The other reasons to evaluate:

1) Most beneficial Deal.

You will enjoy the most elite stay, most satisfying dining choices, most high-grade cruise, most suitable itinerary in most approving prices. Your tour planner will explain everything in detail when you go to customize your Hong Kong Macau luxury package.

2) Economical and Flexible Itinerary

Hong Kong Macau tour can be effortlessly made according to your comfort. Planning a trip for romantic couples, friends, families with kids, senior citizens and even for solo travellers, the trip will be in the budget of Rs70,000-Rs 1,20,000 depending on your itinerary and choices.

3) Flawless Vacation

Hong Kong Macau package

The Hong Kong Macau trip is a perfect holiday with diverse activities to enjoy. The flawless vacation is apt for families and kids. For more fun and entertainment choose a Hong Kong Macau luxury package as it will help you to know things better.

4) Less Travelling Trip

Many times you feel that most of your time during the holiday,  is spend in travelling rather than being on that place, but Hongkong Macau trip is exceptional with advanced and fast commuting rides in between both cities the distance can be easily covered in a short time.

5) Customised Itinerary

The convenient and worthwhile tailor-made itinerary will help you to enjoy Hong Kong and Macau best suited for you. Get you Itinerary customized by the best travel agency as they will provide you top Hong Kong Macau luxury package.

After sharing this ultimate experience  I feel a sense of fulfilling my responsibility and letting you know the itinerary, things to do, Attractions, places to visit and what to expect from this trip. I suggest you should plan a  visit in the upcoming month of November as it is the best time to visit. DO share your pictures and your experience with me.

Have a great vacation!!!