Anthony Constantinou Describes the Significance of Domain Name

Anthony Constantinou Describes the Significance of Domain Name

While starting a new website, first and the most important decision you have to make is selecting your domain name…isn’t it?  In fact, your selected domain is like lottery for you that either can lead your business to the top or drop it to the ground. Even your whole future planning of business promotion whether SEO or SMM revolves around your domain!  Scared…???

You don’t need to be scared at all! Here is the solution…

Well, before discussing the solution, Anthony Constantinou says, "it’s essential to know some basic points first…"

Why this system of domain name was actually evolved???

At present for opening a particular site, you just type its domain name at the “address bar” and your browser displays it into the screen! Truly how easy it is…

But have you ever wondered if there was no such domain exists, how did you search the same website???

The answer is “directly via IP address”! Yes… every domain has its associated IP address or vice versa. In fact, IP address is the actual address of any website. While searching for a domain name through browser, you indirectly utilize the DNS (domain name system) that translate the human readable domain into the related machine IP address.

Of course you also would not like to remember those complicated IP address having format something like! Truly a hassle!

What’s the domain structure?

Let me tell you, domain name is composed of three sections that we will understand with this example where WWW stands for World Wide Web, apart from that:

Sub-domain: In this example, “blog” is called as sub domain. You can set differently for the different segments of your site.

Domain: Most essential portion of your domain name. In the example “mysite” is the actual name (more proficiently say domain name) of our website. Keep it simple and memorable.

Top level domain: Obviously one .com have remained to discuss…hence it is Top Level Domain. But let me clear you it’s the most impotent part your web site as per the current scenario.

How “Top level domain” impacts your site?

This 2 or 3 characters extension has a vital role in order to make your website reliable and successful. There was a time when only three domains .com, .org, and .net exist but that tradition has changed entirely…

ICANN, an organization responsible for the launce of any TLD has recently launched numbers of new top level domains on the basic of web owner’s demands. There are millions of site being hosted currently and thousands of new are registered daily. It’s just like a flood of websites…

When you search any particular topic, search engine displays number of results but the question is which one to visit. Well… its domain name that provides you the very first hint about site content. As the competition is growing day by day therefore only name is insufficient to do this job efficiently therefore people have started adopting TLDs related to their site content instead of traditional .com or .org!

Now every business has its own dedicated domain:

It seems really interesting thing to me. Obviously if domain extension could also describe about your business it is an add-on benefit for web owners. Now every business, profession and field has its own particular domain that is being used widely. It is indeed beneficial to fetch high traffic of your site.

Now you have well understood what the domain name is and how it can be made valuable.