How Mobile Medical Units Are Facilitating Better Access to Quality Medical Care

How Mobile Medical Units Are Facilitating Better Access to Quality Medical Care

India is a diverse country in terms of demography and well as geography. While this diversity adds to the beauty of the country, it also paves the way for significant disparity when it comes to resource allocation, especially in the case of medical facilities. This results in people flocking to metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) are often set up in order to ensure a decentralized approach to healthcare, making healthcare accessible to all terrains, communities, and socio-economic groups - all with relatively lesser operational bottlenecks and minimum expenditure.

When it comes to MMUs, Niira Radia’s Nayati Healthcare is at the forefront in North India. With a rather unique ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, Nayati offers healthcare services to the remotest locations of Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

The journey of Niira Radia’s venture began in 2012 from the holy grounds of Badrinath Dham, with four mobile medical units and a team of 36 paramedics and doctors. The unique enterprise is also India’s first healthcare organization to bring tertiary & quaternary level healthcare to the long-neglected Tier-II & Tier-III cities.

MMUs like Niira Radia’s Nayati Healthcare are taking quality medical care to the remotest corners of India

The group also operates two multi-super speciality hospitals - Nayati Medicity in Mathura (377 bedded) and Nayati Hospital in Agra (60 bedded) in Uttar Pradesh. The fully-equipped MMUs offer the last mile connectivity to the most remote villages which are devoid of even the primary healthcare facilities. The fleet of Nayati MMUs is manned by a team of over 100 paramedics, doctors and support staff, who work diligently to make healthcare accessible to the communities in the hinterlands.

“A large portion of the Indian population dies from preventable diseases and infections. To avoid this, it is necessary to make quality healthcare accessible to all. The team at Nayati Healthcare has been working tirelessly to achieve this goal right from the start. We have been able to touch the lives of more than two million people through our outreach activities,” Nayati Founder Niira Radia said while talking about the organization’s vision and mission.

She also said that MMUs are an integral part of Nayati's strategy to reach out to people living in the underserved locations. Radia added, "The MMUs have been facilitators not just in fulfilling the objective of taking healthcare to the doorstep of the people inhabiting remote areas, but also in promoting health awareness amongst the masses."