Niira Radia’s Nayati Healthcare makes modern medical facilities accessible in remote areas

Niira Radia’s Nayati Healthcare makes modern medical facilities accessible in remote areas
Niira Radia

Healthcare is always considered supreme over other sectors as nothing is more precious than human life. In the 21st century when India is leading various sectors, we are still lacking to a great extent in providing proper health facilities to all. On one side, urban and metropolitan cities have good healthcare infrastructure and facilities whereas a big portion of society in rural areas or semi-urban areas is suffering due to lack of medical facilities.

Availability of inappropriate medical facilities often coerces people from different parts of the country to travel for days and spend their whole life savings to consult the medical specialists in big cities. However, it leads patients and their families to more harmful condition due to emotional stress, along with the cost of travel.

Niira Radia led Nayati Healthcare is making efforts to bridge the gap that exists in the current medical situation. It is working to make advanced healthcare facilities accessible to remote parts of the country. The initiative began 8 years back in 2012, aiming to reverse the existing scenario, by introducing modern healthcare facilities to the patients, instead of letting patients travel miles to access healthcare.

The idea for Nayati was devised by its founder and promoter Niira Radia during her visit to Badrinath Dham, where she observed huge crowd of pilgrims suffering due to improper medical facilities. To address this issue, Radia started her venture in the form of mobile medical units, and provided medical attention to the pilgrims in Badrinath.

After planning the expansion and its operations, she started a multi-specialty healthcare unit in Mathura, named Nayati Medicity. The venture was aimed at providing quality healthcare services in the Braj region, for which the accessible place to get modern medical treatments is the national capital New Delhi, around 180 km far.

According to the Chairperson of Nayati Healthcare, Niira Radia, there is a requirement for quality healthcare in the remote areas of the country, where people are struggling from ages to access medical services.

“Nayati’s mission is to take super specialty world-class healthcare closer to the masses by creating strategic hubs for treatment and facilities across the region, thereby contributing meaningfully to the transformation of the healthcare sector of the country. All our locations have been chosen carefully considering the gap and the coverage area,” says Niira Radia.

With such robust initiatives by Nayati Healthcare, several rural and semi-urban districts can now access the most-advanced medical facilities. However, the country still requires more initiatives for public interest.