Nubia Alpha Review

Nubia Alpha Review

Nubia has recently launched its new smartwatch. We are not sure what it is basically. It looks like a hybrid of smartphone and smartwatch. Nubia thinks it is a smartphone but it looks like a wearable. It can be used as both but it lacks the smartphone touch completely and is bend more towards wearable featuring. The company has missed one trick or another to make it a perfect device for the people. The features still are pretty cool including 4-inches flexible screen which can cover whole your wrist and even can go round it. But, does this hybrid tech has any space in the market? Is it worth a buy?

Let's check it out in the Nubia Alpha review below:


The Nubia Alpha smartwatch is a futuristic piece which gives you feel of both smartwatch and phone. This is a chunky device which weighs thrice more than Apple Watch 4. This one weighs 158 gram which makes it heavy around your wrist. If you compare it to other smartwatches, this one will be surely noticed and feel around your wrist. But, this is very comfortable around wrists and its weight doesn't annoy. People might not be able to ignore this chunky tech piece- for sure! You can easily buy this device online using Paytm Referral with great deals.

Yes, it is a hefty and sturdy tech piece which looks really good on hands. The dial is coupled with a stainless steel band which makes it look even more classy and sizzling. One can easily remove the links and fit the watch on your wrist. Not to forget, this watch looks very premium around your wrists.


The Nubia Alpha packs a bendable screen which is a nice start in the smartwatch market after what Galaxy Fold did in the smartphone world. This is the biggest USP of this smartwatch which gives it a futuristic look. The screen is 4-inches across diagonals and is not much wide. This is an OLED display which is something we love seeing on smartphones. Basically, the screen is not glass but plastic which might give you some friction. But, the long screen might come in handy while doing various tasks like chatting or reading long texts. But, the screen disappears around the wrist which might not give you whole long screen experience.


This smartwatch also runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset like many other wearables. It is a high-end processor bit a bit outdated. Some vendors have started going for Wear 3100 which offers better battery and more responsive interface. The processor is coupled with 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory. The Alpha watch is able to store some music, photos, and videos which will be sufficient to carry in 8 gigs of storage. When it came to usage, the interface was a tad bit snappy which took time to load apps at times.

Battery Life

The Nubia Alpha packs a 500mAh battery which might be tiny for a smartphone but decent for smartwatches. But, seeing the specs this watch gets, it must have been better. The device can last for one day on a single charge but require charging on the second day. The watch gets charged via a micro USB port and won't take much time to charge to 100 percent.


This smartwatch also comes with a 5MP f/2.2 snapper with a wide-angle lens which is something you never see in any wearable. The images come out decent with a tad bit of grain and softness. Don't expect it to click some pictures like your smartphone. It doesn't come with many features but some filters to apply. So, don't waste your time clicking photos on this tech piece instead shoot with your smartphones.


The Nubia Alpha packs a nice set of fitness features like ambient counters, a step tracker, heart rate monitor, and calorie counting. Everything comes out accurate from this device. There is also a sedentary reminder which tells you to stand up or get active if you have been sitting at the same place for long. Nubia Alpha fitness suite has many modes including outdoor running and walking, indoor running and free workouts which produced accurate outcomes.

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Final Verdict

The Nubia Alpha is not the best tech gadget. This smartwatch offers something which any other watch can't bing on the table. It looks sturdy, chunky and premium. Even some features keep it at the top in the crowd including the flexible 4-inch screen and accurate fitness functions. But, it also has its limitations including the lack of communication options- no WhatsApp, no Facebook texts. The device is beautiful and must be appreciated for the courage- what it has come up within the market. But, the annoying gestures and the useless camera never come in handy. Also, no WhatsApp support, maps, and NFC support are some issues. It is a mixed feeling about this watch. If you want to opt for a futuristic tech gadget, then this might come in very useful for you.